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Peronism and Argentina.

Editado por Brennan, James. Buenos Aires: Scholarly Resources Inc, 1998. Buchrucker, Plotkin, Arias, Torre, Palermo, M.C.Cangiano, T.Di Tella



I.The intellectual Debate.

1. Interpetations of Peronism: ol framework and New perspectives. Cristian Buchrucker.

2. The Changing Perceptions of Peronism: A Review Essay. Mariano Plotkin.

II. Peronism and Argentine Society.

3. From Rebellion to Rupture: Peronist Party Politics in Neuquén, 1961-1973.María F.Arias

4.  Industrialists and bolicheros: business and the Peronist Populist Alliance, 1943-1976. James Brennan.

5. The ambivalent Giant: The Peronist Labor Movement, 1945-1995. Juan C.Torre.

III. The Metamorphosis of Peronism.

6. The origins of Menemismo. Vicente Palermo.

7. Reviewing the Past and Inventing the Present: the Steelworkers of Villa Constitución and Menemismo, 1989-1992, María C.Cangiano.

8. The transformations of Peronism. Torcuato di Tella.

9. Selected bibliography.


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